We Are Knights

When I was young I always dreamed of being important. I imagined my self on a white horse in armour (now a white Ferrari and a suit) fighting injustices and laying the seeds of positive change where ever I went. As I grew that dream never left me. Even today I dream of success and … More We Are Knights

Time for Action

Its time for action. Too long have normal people ignored their inner power. You are the very picture of change but we must learn to shake off our “humble” attitudes. When I say humble I do indeed speak more to our stagnation then I do towards our meekness.  To accept your greatness is essential for … More Time for Action

Sorry Fam

Sorry about the long hiatus between the last few post. I have fallen under financial trouble and havn’t been able to write often. If you have any suggestions on what we here at NovumKnight.wordpress.com can do to raise funds please let us know in the comments. Much love -Novum Knighy