What is Novum Knight?

Or who is Novum Knight?

“Novum Knight is a fraternity; its a sorority…”

“…Its a symbol.”

Novum Knight is a page where like minded and well intentioned people can come and discuss how to spread more good in the world. Novum Knight is like a collection of “Change Makers” or “Knights” that can use this organization as a meeting place.

The goal of Novum Knight is to become a symbol. To spread its influence into every online corner and promote fairness, kindheartedness, and equality.

Once you have joined you will be added among the ranks of many other knights like yourself and your journey to improve the world will begin.

As a Knight you can design your own symbol and wear it with pride, letting people know you are apart of “NK”. If you would prefer our symbol than upon pledging allegiance also send a request for one in your emails.