What is Novum Knight?

Novum Knight is the name of a Modern Knight. Its also the name used for this website and the group that I hope this website inspires into existence.

What is a Knight?

A knight was a noble class of warriors in Europe recognized between the 1100s to modern day. While the idea of a knight hasnt changed the way in which one becomes a knight has a bit.

Why a Knight?

Im a kid at heart but Im also an adult and understand the real world. If for once we could all maintain the faith of a child and do good for our communities maybe we can be knights.

So whats your goal?

I just want to share my story (my very normal life) with the rest of the world. Maybe through my experiences someone can find hope.

Where can I support Novum Knight?

You can support me here by visiting every week for new content. Also you can find me on “Patreon/Novum Knight” for more support.