We Are Knights

When I was young I always dreamed of being important. I imagined my self on a white horse in armour (now a white Ferrari and a suit) fighting injustices and laying the seeds of positive change where ever I went. As I grew that dream never left me. Even today I dream of success and prosperity. I dream of days when I can make an impactful change. I have come up with a set of ideas I believe all knights should incorporate into their daily lives.


Failure is going to happen in life but uts important to remember that failure is apart of success. No successful person woke up in the morning and just won at everything. What we see in them is years of failures boiling down to this one success that you now see.

For a knight it is the same. We will have moments of failure that will test or resolves but if we cannot rejoice in the failures we do not deserve the victories. A Knight must always learn from their mistake and always strive for success and change. In essence our failures are small victories, our only true failure is if we give up.


I understand not every Knight will have access to an abundance of money and supplies and thats okay. What makes each knight unique are the different walks of life that we hail from. Some knights will do their fighting in armour while others will do it in a suit, but it doesnt matter as long as they properly use their resources. 

Places like Google, Yahoo and Bing are great places to get info on current events and learn how to polish your armour. The gym is a great place to get inshape. The point is to mobilize yourself. Until our orgibization is connected and organized, it is up to the individual knight to make the effort to improve themselves in someway. 

The wealthy among us have even less of an excuse. You have worked the hardest out of most to build what you have so the expectation for one so privileged is higher. Your platform is a great way to spread the word of The Novum Knights and to promote your own house of positive community warriors. 


Haters. The negative majority. Non-believers. Beware them and love them all the same. They make you who you are but they can just as easily destroy any confidence you may have in yourself. There are many people in the world who never tried at their beliefs or dreams. They have failed and never got back up and even worse some jist never gave themselves a chance and regret evey day afterwards. These people (though they may be friends or family) harbor deep bitterness or resentment toward these feeling within them. Where you may see opportunities they wont hesitate to tell you all the risk and negatives they see. They will doubt you and some will mock you but you must keep at your goals for it is the only way you can prove them wrong and in many cases get your revenge. 


Aside from external problems we all carry internal ones aswell. We all have demons and dragons that we hail around on our backs and in our society today we advocate if not fully tolerate these sorts of things. The truth is not only God will judge you but so will others and thats ok and even if you cna live with yourself understand that as a knight you have to be conscious of weather others can live with you. 

Our demons can be deep rooted issues we have yet to deal with. It can be a mother who was never there for you or a drug you refuse to put down. You may have come to accept it but I encourage you to solve it, fight it and grow from it. Our demons, unlike our dragons canblinger for years seeding us with unknown bitterness and strife within. It will trickle out through small things such as extreme anger or in how we view people. Its the reason why some people can cruise through life successful, seemingly unpreturbed and happy and some of us always seem to have struggles and problems with everything. We have to fight our demons because when we do the flood gate to our victories open wide.

Our dragons on the other hand are our daily battles. They pop up evey once in a while to burn our village and ruin our day and just as fast as they appear they disappear. Some dragons are strong and fierce such as drought or starvation. They can be faught but the battle takes time. Other dragons are small, like petty crimes and must be taken care of accordingly. In our lives (at least in the western world) our dragons are relativley small. The key is learning to beat theae dragons then we can move on to save the world from its bigger ones. 


This is probably the most literal topic on this whole blog but I love it. What you wear everyday says something about you. If you wear alot of hoodies you probably dont care much for appearence or your are someone who doesnt wat to stand out. As knights we must stand out. We must make a claim for the lime light. It is imperative that people see our light and want to follow it. 

As far as your armour goes you must have three uniforms. Your Casual uniform, Formal and Combat gear. It sounds crazy but everybody does this. We wear hoodies to the store (casual), we dress up to go to events (formal) and we dress acordingly to the gym (combat). 

Take the same concept and add your own flair to it. It will not only help you feel unique and special but it will set you apart. Its not that we should care or obsess about what people think of our appearance but that we should take care of our appearance as to be an example for common people. 

Closing Statements

Be You And Be A Knight

To be a Knight is so much more than whats on this list but I just wanted to share a few things Ive learned recently in my journey. I hope it means something to you and that you can utilize some of the advice I have provided to become a better knight.

-Novum Knight 


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