The Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera Mechanism has always been shrouded in mystery. Upon its descovery many scientists were lead to belive that the ancient world was hidding artifacts of unimaginable make and design and although that has yet to be determined it doesnt make this artifact any less interesting.

Used for tracking the stars and eclipeses, this device proves that when someone puts their mind to something they can achieve great things. So much so that people 2000 years from now will look back at it and wonder how someone so “primitive” made so sophisticated and advanced.

This is important for you to remember. Never let someone tell you no. If a woman or man was able to make The Antikythera Mechanism over 2000 years ago than what ever it is you want to do is possible. You could come up with a device tomorrow that changes the world.

Keep your head up and know that the race isnt over. You will make it through to greatness and like this Mechanism you will be an enigma but a world changing force all the same.



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