10 Steps to Becoming a Superhero

DISCLAIMER:(This website and all its contents do not condone lawbreaking of any kind nor do we recomend any reckless behavior one may persue in hopes of becomeing a superhero)

We all wanted to be superheroes when we were little and if not superheroes we all figured we would one day be great. Thats why I became Novum Knight, but somewhere along the lines we just decided to follow the cookie cutter mold society handed to us and became average cogs in the machine called life. For those of you like me, adventure is still on the list of goals for your life and superhero is just one of the many (albiet strange) goals you want to achieve before you get too old.


1: Superhero Name
Many of us think we are rather creative and as it is many of us are, but even the most savy creative mind and spit out some trash that will have us all scratching our heads. 

When it comes to your superhero name remember to take the time and think it over. Names like Lemon Man and Anti Short Woman arent only ridiculous but will leave most people thinking you couldnt even defend yourself. Instead find something that is meaningful to you and combine it with something others can relate to. For example Snake Charmer is a better name than Snake Man (although I wouldnt name myself that either way) for the simple fact that most people can identify in their mind what a snake charmer does let alone what a snake is. Taking the time to come up with a good name can not onlu boost your status as a hero, it can also help people spread your story and increase the chanse of your fame.

2 Skillset

This could be one of the more important things on this list. It doesnt matter weather you go to the gym everyday and can bench press 400 pounds with your neck alone, proper training and figuring out your niche can save you the painful headache of doctors fees and broken egos. 

Your skillset is something that is unique to you. It usually revolves around a skill you either already posses or wish to learn. No one person can do everything so you are going to have to find one thing and work on it. Some people are good at martial arts and in that case would be better prepared for a confrontation. Some of us however may be very good engineers and it would benifit you to develop or create something to assist you. Like superheroes in comic books you will be known for one thing so you might as well make that one thing amazing and unique to you. Start with what your good at and build from there. It doesnt matter if you’re a painter or concrete layer, there is something you are learning or have learned that will determine your skillset.

3 Costume

For all you cosplayers out there this will probably easy, but for the rest of you out there please pay attention.

Not only is your name important, so is your image. No one will believe in a guy wearing cardboard box cutouts for armour. Also, no one will believe in a guy who cant “wow” them. Put time and effort into your costume. Take time to plan, draft and piece together something that will not only be functional but aesthetically pleasing. Keep in mind the time of hero you are and be mindful to add some layer of protection remembering that not every old lady you help across the street is docile and a nice pair of goggles or a sturdy cup may prevent you from having an embarassing moment.

4 Back Story

This may soom egotistical at its best but ones reasons and experience can help others build a sense of credibility for you weather you deserve it or not.

Your back story will not only set you apart but it gives you a reason of being. This being the real world and not a comic book however means you will have to fully flesh out why it is you wanted to become or are a superhero. Everyone gets that you wanted to stop injustices but thats a weak excuse. Every self respecting funtioning person in society wants that, but what makes your story unique? What is it that you can’t stand? Shoplifters? J-walkers? People who are still using the word YOLO? What ever your reason make sure you commit to it. You do your self no service just running around on the street without a clear reason why.

5 Persona

No not the video game. Your persona is your other you… ok a little bit like the video game.

You cant just jump out on the streets as Jeff the Janitor in a skin tight outfit. This not only wont convince people you’re a superhero it will most likely convince them that your crazy or worse, a cosplayer on the loose. Learn to alter your mannerisms and speach. If you are normally shy your alter ego better be over the top and open. If you are a confident person your alter ego will benifit from being a more mysterious persona. Your very performance will precede you which is important. When Batmans very name is spoken we automatically think of the Dark Knight himself swooping down on criminals in the night as if they were his prey. Our minds automatically go to the man in the bat suit who can easily handle a firefight with 20 criminals even though he only brought his fist. This idea of him precedes him being around. Just imagine being a criminal and one of your lowlife miscreant friends utters starts telling you about a guy in a bat suit that beat up 20 other guys the night before. Instantly your going to write him off but the very idea (assuming you live in a comic book) will eventually eat you from tue inside. Thus the mental fight has already begun far before the bats even shows up. 

6 Money

This one normally sticks in peoples craw and for good reason. We normally dont like to think of our heroes as nine to fivers like ourselves. To us they seem to transcend our average lives and thats why we love them.

The truth is however Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark were business men before they were superheroes, Black Panther is a King, Peter Parker is a photographer, Ant Man was a thief and even Deadpool was a Canadian soldier at one point. All these heroes had jobs and even though they currently dont due to their prestige if one simply googles their origins we find that even our favorite heroes had to sit behind a cash register or a desk in an office at one point in their lives. Hero-ing isnt cheap when done right and simply holding off on buying that new game and saving up to get a nice costume can make all the difference at the end of the day. Why spend that 20 dollars buying fast food when you can get a gym membership to work on your hero physique? Or save that extra money to buy yourself a cool car to deck out for your amazing entrances. Whatever it may be remember that no one is going to fund your hero dream until you do first. Who knows, one day that 20 dollars you spend a week on martial arts classes may pay off.

7 Sidekicks

Every good hero knows he can save the world alone and employing the help of another person may just be your ticket to a long and wonderful legacy of saving lives.

All of the greatest heroes have had sidekicks at one point or another. Sidekicks not only save your bitt when you put yourself in needless danger but they help others see that your not the only crazy person. When people see more than one person jumping from rooftop to rooftop they automatically assume it’s relatively normally. It’s called the herd effect. People are more likely to write off something as normal if they see more than one person doing it. People will also view you as more approachable (if that’s what you want) if they see that someone else is able to get close to you.

8 Secret Lair

A lair is you space of refuge. After a long day of battling foes or saving cats from trees it helps to have a cool hangout to retreat to at the end of the day. 

Probably one of the hardest on this list to obtain outside of ones own home, the secret lair has to be an area set aside for your gear and research. Important instruments like a powerful computer and a 3D Printer would complete any homemade lair. Coupled with a training space your lair would be the envy of the hero community. Most of all however is that your base provides a grounded feeling for you . Life as a hero is going to get crazy; NORMAL life is going to get crazy, so it pays to have a space where you can sit back and relax. You may even find a knack for providing intel from the saftey of you HQ making the risk of ever being discovered slim.

9 Gadgets and Gear

Similar to costume, your gadgets and gear are unique artifacts for you to have all to your own that give you an edge when fighting crime. Weather it be a whistle to alert people of your presence or a baton (only where legal) to ward off would be attackers; it is imperative that you carry something with you that is synonymous with your persona.

All heroes have their secret weapon. Wonder woman had a lasso, batman had his batarangs and you need something too. The idea is to start small and always think non lethal but scary. This is very very important. Never think you’re so tough that you carry around something lethal or illegal. So many real life superheroes have been arrested or injured by caring around something illegal or something they didnt understand anything about. It is more adventages of you to carry around pepper spray (where legal only) or to forgo offensive gear and settle for defensive gear instead, such as shin and elbow guards, a helmet and chestpad or all of the above. If your really handy you can develope your own defensive and offensive gear to aid you in your quest to rid the streets of crime. Overall however is your ability of critical thinking. Its the most important gear you already possess.

10 Bravery

This is so essential that I cant hardly explain its worth. You will nver become a hero unless you conquer your fears and be brave.

Most of the time the one thing holding potential heroes back is fear. Think about how many times you’ve witnessed a fight in the street or the occasional shoplifter and decided it was none of your business? Well I have bad news for you, if you walked away that means you werent hero material. Bravery however allows us to overcome this hurdle. Instead of being a bystander we become an active part of the solution. Society has taught us lately that heroes where uniforms or they usually get hurt or die early because they were helping when they shouldnt have been, but imagine how much better the world would be if people jumped in the moment someone needed help. The next time you see someone in need, be brave and lend a hand. You never know if your helping out the next great hero.


Fans, Followers and likes. It may seem superficial but the more fans the more support. The more support the more money. Just think that one over.
-Novum Knight


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